Paver Patios

Adding a paver patio is a great way to enhance the functionality and beauty of your landscape. A paver patio from Land Escapes creates the ideal foundation for your outdoor living area.

Patios provide the perfect place to entertain, dine, or just kick back and relax. In the past, when most people thought of a patio, they thought of a plain, square slab of concrete. Those days are in the past. Today, paver patios, such as those offered by Land Escapes are as gorgeous as they are durable. Land Escapes can create a paver patio in any size or shape. And by combining different colors, textures, sizes, and types of materials, Land Escapes can offer flexible, and nearly endless, paver patio design options that will complement any style of home or landscape.

Land Escapes can design and install paver patios in any sized yard, big or small. A paver patio from Land Escapes can even be used to transform sloped or awkward space into a usable area. We can also incorporate built-in features, such as benches, landscaping beds, and decorative walls into your paver patio design for added functionality.

Paver patios offer several benefits over other patio and deck options. Paver patios won’t crack or settle like concrete and in the event of damage, the damaged pieces can simply be lifted out and replaced. Paver patios also won’t splinter, warp, or require frequent staining as like a wood deck. A paver patio from Land Escapes is an affordable patio option that will provide you with years of enjoyment and relaxation.

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