Irrigation System Winterization Service

Kansas City winters, with frigid temperatures, can be brutal. If your irrigation system hasn’t been properly prepared for winter, it is vulnerable to potentially serious, and costly, damage. Irrigation system winterization service from Land Escapes will help protect your irrigation system investment and avoid expensive repairs.

As summer transitions into fall and the temperatures begin to drop, you need to start thinking about winterizing your irrigation system. Simply shutting off the sprinkler system and opening the drain value isn’t sufficient. Some water can remain in the irrigation system pipes even if you have drained the water from the sprinkler system. This water can then freeze, expand, and cause the pipes in your irrigation system to crack or rupture.

Irrigation system winterization, sometimes also called a sprinkler system blow out, from Land Escapes will get your irrigation system ready for winter. First, Land Escapes will properly close down the irrigation system and shut off the water supply. Next, we will remove all the water from the irrigation system lines by using an air compressor to blow the water out of each zone. Land Escapes uses a compressed air system with regulators to ensure proper pressure is used to blow out the system. Significant damage can be caused to your irrigation system if the wrong psi is used for the sprinkler system blow out. Once the irrigation system blow out is complete, we will shut down the controller.

Don’t Wait Too Long!

Land Escapes recommends irrigation system winterization be performed before the first freeze of the season, which is typically between late September and early November in Kansas City. Even during the first couple of freezes of the season, the ground temperature won’t fall below freezing to cause any damage to your irrigation system. Irrigation system winterization must be done every year. Call Land Escapes again in the spring for your irrigation system spring start-up service.