Water Features

Water features are the perfect addition to any residential landscape, adding interest and ambiance. A water feature from Land Escapes will transform your outdoor living area into a personal retreat right in your own backyard.

Land Escapes designs and installs all types of landscape water features, including waterfalls, fountains, ponds, streams, water gardens, and more. We will work with you to ensure that the design and aesthetics of your water feature complements and blends organically with the surrounding landscape and environment. Our water feature designs include natural stone and water vegetation that will enhance the style of your water feature as well as the surrounding landscaping. Land Escapes can design a stunning water feature for any size of yard or landscape. Even a small yard can benefit from the addition of a water feature, making use of space that may otherwise be unusable.

In addition to enhancing the beauty of your landscape, a water feature from Land Escapes provides a number of other benefits. The soothing sound of flowing water calms the mind, reduces stress, and creates a sense of peace and tranquility. The sound produced by a water feature also produces white noise that can mask other noises from your neighborhood. The running water of a water feature also attracts wildlife, such as birds, squirrels, rabbits and other animals. In addition, water features add dimension and create visual interest that help boost curb appeal and increase your property value.

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