Residential Hardscaping Services

Plants and vegetation, sometimes referred to as softscaping, is only one aspect of good landscaping. A successful landscape also requires hardscaping. Professional hardscape design and hardscape installation from Land Escapes will help you create an outdoor living area that is both functional and beautiful.

Hardscaping provides a variety of benefits to your residential landscaping. Hardscaping can improve the functionality and usability of your landscape as well as the aesthetics. It can be used to create boundaries around your property and to create separation between functional areas of your landscape. Hardscaping can also be used to make otherwise unusable areas usable, such as terraces to correct awkward sloping, and address drainage and grading issues. It can also be used to create functional components, such as built-in seating and planters. Hardscaping is also a great way to reduce the area of your property that requires maintenance such as mowing. Hardscaping is the foundation and anchor for your landscape and should be installed before softscaping is put in place.

Land Escapes specializes in a variety of hardscaping elements, including retaining walls, paver patios, walkways, driveways, outdoor kitchens, courtyards, terraces, water features, benches, counters, fireplaces, pool decks, accent walls, edging, and more. Land Escapes creates creative and distinctive hardscaping designs using a variety of materials, including flagstone, cut stone, pavers, natural stone, and more. We can combine materials in different shapes, patterns, textures, and colors to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind designs that produce visual interest.

Land Escapes is a certified segmental retaining wall installer by the National Concrete Masonry Association and a certified installer by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. We offer a ten-year guarantee to reset your hardscaping if misplacement occurs.

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