Landscape Irrigation

Your landscape needs water to survive. But too much or too little water can be detrimental to your landscape. A residential irrigation system from Land Escapes takes the guesswork out of keeping your landscape properly watered and makes your landscape easier to maintain while keeping it lush and healthy.

A residential irrigation system, or sprinkler system, from Land Escapes will save you time, money, and water. A sprinkler system streamlines the landscape watering process, eliminating the need to move hoses and individual sprinklers around from one spot to another. Because the landscape irrigation system is automated, it is timed to be efficient and convenient. No more trying to remember to turn the sprinklers on and off at certain times.

Not all plants need the same amount of water or need to be watered at the same intervals. Everyone knows that insufficient watering will cause your landscape to suffer, but overwatering your landscape can also cause damage. Too much water can lead to the development of fungus and disease in your landscaping plants. Incorporating zone watering as part of your irrigation system ensures that the precise amount of water is delivered to the right areas of your landscape at the right times. By using the necessary amount of water, you can conserve water, which helps the environment as well as your bank account. No more water will be wasted by runoff or by watering the driveway.

Each landscape’s irrigation needs are different. Land Escapes will design a custom residential irrigation system specific to the needs of your landscape, factoring in the size and layout of your landscape, the types of plants and vegetation in your landscape, the water sources and pressure, and drainage on your property. Land Escapes will incorporate features such as soil moisture sensors, rain shut-off devices, and drip irrigation zones in your irrigation system to ensure optimal water coverage and distribution to your residential landscape.

Residential Irrigation

Land Escapes offers complete residential irrigation services, including irrigation system installation, irrigation system repair, and irrigation system maintenance, as well as spring start-ups and fall winterization services.